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Chris paid a visit to the KROCK FM head-quarters on the 18th of March. There is an mp3 of his interview available for download at, stream it if you have Realplayer, or you can read the full transcript here.

It's quite long, so here are some key points of interest:

- Chris' second daughter is almost six months old. His wife's name is Vicky.
- Audioslave will probably perform some Soundgarden or Rage covers on tour this year.
- The band were never called Civilian, this was just a rumour.
- Rick Rubin is the producer of their sophomore album.
- This album will be more song oriented, and less riff/groove oriented.
- Chris does not play guitar on this album.
- 22 songs were written in around 20 days.

There is also a photo slide-show of the interview at the KROCK website.
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