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Supergroup Audioslave Prep New Record, Tour [link]
Liisa Ladouceur of written, May 14th 2005

Audioslave, that American rock supergroup featuring the body of Rage Against The Machine spliced with the head of Soundgarden, will release their second album on May 16 and perform two shows in Canada in April.

The band are planning a U.S. tour from April 7 to 30, including a confirmed show at Toronto’s Kool Haus April 26, with a second date in Vancouver TBA.

The album’s first single, "Be Yourself" has hit radio this week with a video promised for April, but few details about the still-untitled disc have emerged.

Last week, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk spoke to ChartAttack in Los Angeles, explaining the veil of secrecy surrounding the new album.

"I think now is about the right time for fans to be pulled out of the dark and into the light," says Wilk. "We figure the less we talk and the more we let the music talk, the better."

"The last time, our music was released on the internet eight months beforehand. So this time, mum’s the word," agrees Morello.

Six songs from the upcoming release were played for international media in L.A.. In addition to "Be Yourself," the disc is scheduled to include the tracks "Your Time Has Come," "The Curse," "#1 Zero," "Doesn’t Remind Me" and "Out Of Exile," which was referred to in some literature as "The Roads We Choose."

Selections range from breezy acoustic verses to sweeping power melodies to bombastic stadium-sized choruses; although generally lighter than the new rawk du jour, the overall sound will depend on the rest of the songs. The remaining tracks on the Rick Rubin-produced record are still being mixed. Audioslave (Morello, Wilk and Tim Commerford, all ex-Rage Against The Machine, with former Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell on vocals) released their self-titled debut in November 2002 — before the foursome had even performed together as a group. Both Morello and Wilk claim that this time the recording felt more like a full band effort.

"Audioslave the band has arrived," says Wilk. "The first record was people from two other bands with history attached. I don’t feel that with this record."

"The main difference between this record and any other record that we’ve done is that it felt that the songs were completely generated on the spot," continues Morello. "At least as far as my contributions go. Normally, I make a long list of riffs, I do a lot of self-censoring beforehand. This time, I could just step into rehearsal and I just see what happened. It felt more instantaneous. I think that helped lead to the diversity of the material, and the confidence that no matter what it was we played that we would like the results."

The band also denied rumours that a new Audioslave track will appear on the soundtrack to the upcoming Batman film. Rehearsals for the live shows begin this week in Los Angeles.
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