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Saturday, March 26, 2005
Supergroup Audioslave Prep New Record, Tour [link]
Liisa Ladouceur of written, May 14th 2005

Audioslave, that American rock supergroup featuring the body of Rage Against The Machine spliced with the head of Soundgarden, will release their second album on May 16 and perform two shows in Canada in April.

The band are planning a U.S. tour from April 7 to 30, including a confirmed show at Toronto’s Kool Haus April 26, with a second date in Vancouver TBA.

The album’s first single, "Be Yourself" has hit radio this week with a video promised for April, but few details about the still-untitled disc have emerged.

Last week, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk spoke to ChartAttack in Los Angeles, explaining the veil of secrecy surrounding the new album.

"I think now is about the right time for fans to be pulled out of the dark and into the light," says Wilk. "We figure the less we talk and the more we let the music talk, the better."

"The last time, our music was released on the internet eight months beforehand. So this time, mum’s the word," agrees Morello.

Six songs from the upcoming release were played for international media in L.A.. In addition to "Be Yourself," the disc is scheduled to include the tracks "Your Time Has Come," "The Curse," "#1 Zero," "Doesn’t Remind Me" and "Out Of Exile," which was referred to in some literature as "The Roads We Choose."

Selections range from breezy acoustic verses to sweeping power melodies to bombastic stadium-sized choruses; although generally lighter than the new rawk du jour, the overall sound will depend on the rest of the songs. The remaining tracks on the Rick Rubin-produced record are still being mixed. Audioslave (Morello, Wilk and Tim Commerford, all ex-Rage Against The Machine, with former Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell on vocals) released their self-titled debut in November 2002 — before the foursome had even performed together as a group. Both Morello and Wilk claim that this time the recording felt more like a full band effort.

"Audioslave the band has arrived," says Wilk. "The first record was people from two other bands with history attached. I don’t feel that with this record."

"The main difference between this record and any other record that we’ve done is that it felt that the songs were completely generated on the spot," continues Morello. "At least as far as my contributions go. Normally, I make a long list of riffs, I do a lot of self-censoring beforehand. This time, I could just step into rehearsal and I just see what happened. It felt more instantaneous. I think that helped lead to the diversity of the material, and the confidence that no matter what it was we played that we would like the results."

The band also denied rumours that a new Audioslave track will appear on the soundtrack to the upcoming Batman film. Rehearsals for the live shows begin this week in Los Angeles.

'Be Yourself' #2 On Billboard Charts 26/3

As of the 26th of March, Audioslave have reached #2 on both the Billboard Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock charts with their first single 'Be Yourself'.

Congratulations to the band!

Audioslave @ 26/3

You can view a short Audioslave promo clip at new website It's mainly worth a look because there's part of a new Audioslave tune played as the backing track.

Take a look.


Chris paid a visit to the KROCK FM head-quarters on the 18th of March. There is an mp3 of his interview available for download at, stream it if you have Realplayer, or you can read the full transcript here.

It's quite long, so here are some key points of interest:

- Chris' second daughter is almost six months old. His wife's name is Vicky.
- Audioslave will probably perform some Soundgarden or Rage covers on tour this year.
- The band were never called Civilian, this was just a rumour.
- Rick Rubin is the producer of their sophomore album.
- This album will be more song oriented, and less riff/groove oriented.
- Chris does not play guitar on this album.
- 22 songs were written in around 20 days.

There is also a photo slide-show of the interview at the KROCK website.

Sophomore Album Details 26/3

Release Date: May 24th

Audioslave's much-anticipated sophomore album will be titled Out of Exile according to the official website - you can also listen to a stream of the first single, 'Be Yourself', there (and view the lyrics to this song here).

According to the album will have 12 tracks in total, including the following confirmed titles: "Be Yourself", "Doesn't Remind Me", "Out of Exile", "The Curse", "#1 Zero", and "Your Time Has Come".

Audioslave are currently mixing the album, and deciding which other 6 songs to include. They've written 22 songs in total.

Stay tuned for more details!

18/3 KROCK Interview Transcript

Transcribed from an MP3 of the interview downloaded from

Booker interviews CHRIS CORNELL, 18th March 2005

It's Chris Cornell with us in the studio, from Audioslave. Just popped in mid-conversation, last hour we had a very compelling conversation on custodians walking in on high-school students having sex, this hour, unfortunately, you happen to be here for the rock and roll hall of fame discussion, I'm sorry about that, you're an hour late.

C: Yeah, yeah, now we're honestly more boring: the rock and roll of fame.

B: Yeah, we've moved on to the more boring subject.

C: Yeah.

B: You musicians... I can't believe that you wouldn't go today if your band was in [the rock and roll hall of fame]. That kinda shocks me.

C: Nah, you know, I just have like a Woody Allen attitude toward things like that. I don't think it's bad if you're into it and if you love it and it's exciting for you then that's great but to me that's more like something that happens with sports and sports teams and if you're a musician usually you don't grow up that way, you know, it's not like a fraternal experience, you're kinda on your own and if you're lucky you find some people to play music with, but...

We make records for fans, I write songs for fans, you know people who will go buy the records, join in and have a good time and how it is appreciated in other ways or by the industry by people who you would consider you peers... it's nice but I really don't care.

B: Mm, well. The Audioslave CD, you were looking at May 24th, no title, or do you have a title? How about that, boy, I'd get some news here, for once.

C: We've got like, 45 minutes, maybe we could come up with one?

B: Really?

C: Yeah, we don't have a title.

B: 'The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Sucks', how about that for an album?

C: That's too wordy, it would be hard to say drunk.

B: Yeah it would be, it would be. So, there's no title, you got Rick Rubin doing this one. He's an interesting guy.

C: Yeah he is.

B: I've met Rick a couple of times. He's like an evil genius kinda dude. What's it like working with him?

C: Is he? I haven't really been able to work out if he's evil, or like really positive new-agey. Because he seems to be... both. I'm not really sure. But he's the star, or one of the featured stars of the Jay-Z video, so if you haven't seen that you're gonna see Rick Rubin in a floor-length fur coat and a cowboy hat.

B: He's the unkempt gentleman - he doesn't shave, or do anything that has to do with grooming himself, cut his hair... there's nothing going on there.

C: I think he's clean though.

B: Oh, he's definitely clean. Just a little unruly looking at times. What have you been doing between albums, in your time down? Writing, all the time, or, you know, what takes up your life? I know you just had a kid, another kid.

C: No, the writing part went pretty quickly. But this is actually my first anniversary, my one year anniversary with my wife Vicky here.

B: And thankyou for bringing her into the studio, it's something nice to look at, I've gotta look at this dude with a bald head all day long and I see this lovely looking lady across from me, thankyou very much Mr. Cornell.

C: My pleasure. It's the least that I could do. We have an almost six month old daughter and we do a lot of travelling. When we go to L.A. I work with the band and when I'm not working with the band we're either in Paris or travelling or doing something.

B: What's the band's writing process? Do you write and present it to the band, do you do everything together... how does that come down?

C: Pretty much do everything together. Each of us seperately might bring in an idea, but usually not an entire song, or the frame-work of one. Occasionally, but most of the time not. And then we just kind of ad-lib parts and work out arrangements together, or we will work on something that is pre-existing: we tend to not leave until we write at least one song per day, so this record was like 22 songs in something like 20 days and the last record was 21 songs in 19 days. So it's the same thing.

B: Are lyrics solely your responsibility or is that once again a band thing?

C: No, I kinda came into it with the 'if you want me to sing and be the lyricist', then... you know, I'm not that comfortable with doing somebody else's lyrics. Mainly because I don't want to be in the position of 'I hate these and they're awful, take them away'. That, I could never sing. That's usually not a problem because if it's something that you want to do and you're talented at it then you're doing it all the time, and if it's not, then you don't. It's a difficult thing for a lot of people.

B: Does Morello take the same kind of thing with his guitar playing? Is it something where he doesn't come to you and say 'hey, what do you think?' is it his word goes down because he is kind of another 'evil genius', you know?

C: We've all sort of taken the attitude of 'let's all let each individual guy do what it is they do'. And definitely he's asked a lot of times 'what do you think of this?', or 'what would you change with that?', and there are a lot of times when I don't like what I'm doing lyrically or melodically, you know, I'll say it, the song sounds great but what I'm doing, I can't stand it. I get nothing but support, 'we love you, we think it's great', and it's that kind of atmosphere every day, it hasn't changed since we started.

B: I've got the iPod, on shuffle, here, and I was listening to Sunshower on the way here. Do you ache to do anything solo, take it in a different direction just for yourself?

C: My feelings are that if I get a collections of songs either that Audioslave wouldn't be interested in, or just would not work with Audioslave then for sure I would want to do that. But that hasn't happened with one song, yet, so doing a solo album... I don't see that happening in the near future. Doing something here or there, you know, it would depend on what comes up.

B: Has the band been through any growing-pains? It was kind of interesting how it was put together, Zack being the lead singer of the other band, you coming into this band, what's been the most difficult part of the transition for you?

C: The business aspect of it. Which we kind of expected.

B: How so?

C: We'd done kind of a similar thing that was only a one off, well it was only meant to be a one-off, with Temple of the Dog, with three members of Pearl Jam and then Matt and I from Soundgarden. But it came at a time when Motherlove had broken up because Andy Wood died, and they were not yet Pearl Jam signed to a record label, so they were free and clear of any obligation. So we made the record, so it was released on A&M records and there was no conflict. Sony was about to sign, Pearl Jam was of course thrilled with it, because they were going to get some free exposure for their band before they put out the first Pearl Jam record. This time we were both under contract to seperate labels where we weren't in that situation; there was no way anyone was going to say 'yeah, you guys can just go do whatever you want'.

So, there was a lot that had to be worked out. We also came with seperate management companies, which ended up being the most difficult thing. Seperate legal teams, seperate everything.

B: Do you even like being involved in the business aspect of what's going on? Would you prefer to just say 'somebody take care of this please and I just want to play music', or do you feel that you have to be involved in how the music is done and the way you get paid and the touring?

C: Well, yeah, anyone has to be involved in that. It's not why I do it, but you have to be involved. It's not that complicated, but in the situation where we came together as one band there are other people complicating it. And for the first time ever I was in a band situation where we were all getting along so well and doing everything that you could ever expect from a band and then coming up with what was fantastic record: showing up for meetings, showing up for everything, and doing everything bands have a difficult time doing, because musicians are kind of flaky, and on the business side of things, with two existing management companies, that was kind of falling apart, and they were leaving it on the shoulders of the band to figure out what to do. So, it was rough for a while... and eventually we just replaced them with one management company that represented everybody. And after that it got easier.

But that was it really. It was really by our own team being received as one band rather than two seperate entities coming together to do something for a while. Once we had one company representing us and we were interviewing them and decided to choose them and it was our way and we were just a band and have been ever since.

B: When the album comes out... I think it's been 45 minutes since I last asked you has the album been titled yet, it's been 45 minutes. Do we have a title yet?

C: Any ideas?

B: I wish I could name it, I wish I could think of something cool but I'm so uncreative.

C: What's really lame is that I could totally use this situation to manipulate it... If I had a title the band might not like, and I loved it...

B: You could slide a piece of paper to me and say 'Ah, Booker...'

C: Yeah. I could say it, and then it would get around and they would have to fight the rumour in interviews and they wouldn't want to do that. But I don't have one.

B: There's always next week. You've got to eventually stumble upon a name and you could maybe pick up the phone and call in, 'you know we're kinda thinking blah blah', and I could utter it a couple of times and I'd look like a hero, it would like we were great friends and I could build my credibility and oh my god it would be great for me.

C: I could just fax it and not even be involved...

B: He's trying not to be involved with me - and that's not a bad move by the way, I've destroyed many careers.

C: Audioslave... it was reported we were going to be called Civilian, all over the place.

B: I remember that.

C: People telling us!

B: We went on the air and the songs had been put on the internet, and that was the name, and everyone was saying it's going to be Civilian, and I do believe we played the songs for a couple of days as Civilian, then we got that call: 'ah, you know, the band's not called Civilian, they're called Audioslave'.

C: The Civilian name, it didn't stick.

B: It was the name at one point though?

C: No.

B: So there was no 'sticking', it was just a rumour.

C: Exactly, it was a rumour. Alice In Chain's record 'Facelift', it was a rumour. The name 'Facelift' was a rumour and they'd never heard the name or discussed it or had the idea but they liked it and that's how they titled it.

B: That's interesting. The sound of the record... is there any sort of departure from the sound of the last record? Anything that would shock your fans?

C: It goes further in a lot of different directions. It's more melodic, it's more chordal, more song oriented and not as much riff or groove oriented. Then there are songs that are sort of chordally involved, where there are songs... two-chord songs, simpler than anything we've ever done.

B: Overall with the last album where you kind of happy with how everything turned out? Would you do it differently? Did it feel good?

C: Yeah, it felt fantastic, with the exception of what we talked about: the business end. The crowning achievement was that you could take these guys that have a long history in two seperate bands that were ground-breaking and then we went out and made one record and then toured for nine or ten months playing only Audioslave music or cover songs from other bands, and were successful doing it, had a great time, the audiences were great - I didn't feel like they were missing anything, or leaving wanting anything - and that sort of really set the tone for how we wanted to be received: we're a new band, we're going to be making a lot of records and we're going to be doing this for a long time. We didn't know how that was going to work out, because you never do, and it was satisfying to be able to do that, and to be able to do it successfully.

B: One of the songs we got the most reaction out of was We Got The Whip. Where did this come out of? It just kind of showed up some day, no album, will it be included on the next album? Where will that go?

C: It's not going to be on the next album because it was a B-side, I think that's where you guys got it. Might have been an English B-Side, a UK B-side, because in the UK they sort of like buying singles more than they do entire albums, so you put out a single and you give them something they can't get on the album.

B: Do you care when you get, like, an import... I mean, this was a rather large song and we played the crap out of it, for this radio station because people wanted it so much. Do you go 'damn, I wish we'd put that on the first record', or is there any regret at all there?

C: A little bit. When I heard it on the radio, it sounded great. With Audioslave, there's a ton of objectivity because we work so quickly and it's suck a great experience, but still, that wasn't one of my favourite songs and that's partly why it wasn't on the record, and yet I heard it on the radio and I thought it sounded great.

B: That's got to upset you a little.

C: You know what upsets me is that the release format outside the US sometimes requires that they want something that we don't get here. My biggest fan-base has always been in the US, really I'm glad that you were playing it on the radio. I mean, why do they get that? From now I'm just going to give them cover songs and nothing else. We're going to keep everything else close.

B: Is that ever a bone of contention when you go to shows... are there people who want to hear Soundgarden stuff? Does that bother you or do you just kind of say, we're not going to do it, we're just going to wipe our hands clean of that.

C: It was a personal decision, and it was personal... none of us felt like we needed our history to be a new band. Of course, we all felt very proud of where we'd come from.

B: Of course, the great music that you did in the past. Will that thinking change, is my question.

C: I don't see why not. I think now we've laid it out - I don't think that there's anybody's going to accuse us of resting on our laurels if we go out and play a Soundgarden song or a Rage song. So now I think it would be stupid not to go back and visit some of the songs that I wrote or they wrote, why not?

B: May 24th 'To Be Announced' comes out, the name of the new record, the new Audioslave: they've got a show coming up, that would be April 30th, small show, Rosalin Ballroom, probably gearing up for a much larger tour, I would imagine. Which happens when?

C: We're going to do European festivals, starting in June I think, then Mexico City, and then later in the summer come back and do some bigger places, in the U.S.

B: Are they smaller shows? I mean, in some ways, they've got to be more fun.

C: Yeah. In some ways, in the Summer doing a big shed or a big festival, nothing beats it, but small shows are great, and I love to mix it up.

B: Awesome. It's great to talk to you and get to know you, and it's great to play some of your music, we're big fans here, thank you for stopping in.

C: Thank you.

'Audioslave' Album Lyrics

Friday, March 25, 2005

Well I've been watching
While you've been coughing
I've been drinking life
While you've been nauseous
And so I drink to health
While you kill yourself
And I've got just one thing
That I can offer

Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me yeah

I'm not a martyr
I'm not a prophet
And I won't preach to you
But here's a caution
You'd better understand
That i won't hold your hand
But if it helps you mend
Then I won't stop it

Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me
Go and save yourself
And take it out on me

Drown if you want
And I'll see you at the bottom
Where you'll crawl
On my skin
And put the blame on me
So you don't feel a thing

Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me yeah

Show Me How To Live

And with the morning dawn
Moving right along
I couldn't buy an eyeful of sleep
And in the aching night
Under the satellites
I was not received
Built with stolen parts
A telephone in my heart
Someone get me a priest
To put my mind to bed
This ringing in my head
Is this a cure or is this a disease?

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live
Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

And in the after birth
On the quiet earth
Let the stains remind you
You thought you made a man
You better think again
Before my role defines you

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live
Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

And in your waiting hands
I will land
And roll out of my skin
And in your final hours I will stand
Ready to begin
Ready to begin
Ready to begin
Ready to begin

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live
Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live
Show me how to live
Show me how to live
Show me how to live
Show me how to live


House is haunted
I just wanna go for a ride
Out and on
Before I set this room alight
Left alone
Forever and for crimes unclear
With my patience gone
Someone take me far from here

Burnin' that Gasoline
Burnin' that Gasoline

New day yawning
Another day of solitaire
House is honest
Clearly more than I can bear
Drag me off
Before I set my world on fire
Out and gone
The sun will never set tonight

Burnin' that gasoline
Burnin' that gasoline

No what for's
Only a can of red
Says danger on it
I have found another way

Burnin' that gasoline
Burnin' that gasoline
Burnin' it all away
Burnin' it all away

What You Are

And when you wanted me
I came to you
And when you wanted someone else
I withdrew
And when you asked for light
I set myself on fire
And if I go far away
I know
You'll find another slave

And now I'm free
From what you want
Now I'm free
From what you need
Now I'm free from what you are

And when you wanted blood
I cut my veins
And when you wanted love
I bled myself again
Now that I've had my fill of you
I'll give you up forever
And here I go
Far away
I know you'll find another slave

And now I'm free
From what you want
Now I'm free
From what you need
Now I'm free
From what you are

Then a vision came to me
When you came along
I gave you everything
But then you wanted more

Now I'm free
From what you want
Now I'm free
From what you need
Now I'm free
From what you are
Now I'm free
From what you want
Now I'm free
From what you need
Now I'm free
From what you are

Like A Stone

On a cobweb afternoon
In a room full of emptiness
By a freeway
I confess
I was lost in the pages
Of a book
Full of death
Reading how we'll die alone
And if we're good
We'll lie to rest
Anywhere we want to go

In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I'll wait for you there
Like a stone
I'll wait for you there

On my deathbed
I will pray
To the gods and the angels
Like a pagan
To anyone
Who will take me to heaven
To a place
I recall
I was there so long ago
The sky was bruised
The wine was bled
And there you led me on

In your house
I long to be
Room by room patiently
I'll wait for you there
Like a stone
I'll wait for you there

And on I read
Until the day was gone
And I sat in regret
Of all the things I've done
For all that I've blessed
And all that I've wronged
In dreams until my death
I will wander on

In your houseI long to be
Room by room patiently
I'll wait for you there
Like a stone
I'll wait for you there

Set It Off

He was standing at the rock
Gathering the flock
And getting there with no directions
And underneath the arch
It turned into a march
And there he found the spark to
Set this fucker off

He said set it off
Set it off now children
Set it right
Set it off
Set it off now children
Set it a fire

Suddenly a shot
Ripped into his heart
He lay in need of some attention
And there he played his card
Going into shock
The last thing that he said was
Set this fucker off

He said set it off
Set it off now children
Set it right
Set it off
Set it off now children
Set it a fire

Jesus at the back door
Everything is all right
All we need is some direction
Every time the wind blows
Everything you don't know
Turns into a revelation
And it all adds up inside your heart
Time is wasting

Shadow On The Sun

Once upon a time
I was of the mind
To lay your burden down
And leave you where you stood
And you believed I could
You'd seen it done before
I could read your thoughts
Tell you what you saw
And never say a word
Now all that is gone
Over with and done - never to return

I can't tell you why
People die alone
I can tell you I'm
A shadow of the sun

Staring at the loss
Looking for a cause
And never really sure
Nothing but a hole
To live without a soul
And nothing to be learned

I can tell you why
People go insane
I can show you how
You could do the same
I can tell you why
The end will never come
I can tell you I'm
A shadow on the sun

Shapes of every size
Move behind my eyes
Doors inside my head
Bolted from within
Every drop of flame
Lights a candle in
Memory of the one
Who lives inside my skin

I Am The Highway

Pearls and swine bereft of me
Long and weary my road has been
I was lost in the cities
Alone in the hills
No sorrow or pity for leaving I feel

I am not your rolling wheels
I am the highway
I am not your carpet ride
I am the sky

Friends and liars don't wait for me
I'll get on all by myself
I put millions of miles
Under my heels
And still too close to you
I feel

I am not your rolling wheels
I am the highway
I am not your carpet ride
I am the sky
I am not your blowing wind
I am the lightning
I am not your autumn moon
I am the night


I met a man locked away
For things he hadn't done
Innocence on a ball and chain
He'll never feel the sun
Again on his face or roses
In his hands
But when he smiled at me
I could understand

If you're free you'll never see the walls
If your head is clear you'll never free fall
If you're right you'll never fear the wrong
If your head is high you'll never fear at all

There was a daughter of a man
Who took his life too young
She swore she'd never do the same
Then did just what he'd done
And a boy who's gone insane
Voices in his head
No one knows what they say
Now his mother's dead

If you're free you'll never see the walls
If your head is clear you'll never free fall
If you're right you'll never fear the wrong
If your head is high you'll never fear at all

There was a man who had a face
That looked a lot like me
I saw him in the mirror and
I fought him in the street
And when he turned away
I shot him in the head

Then I came to realize
I had killed myself

If you're free you'll never see the walls
If your head is clear you'll never free fall
If you're right you'll never fear the wrong
If your head is high you'll never fear at all


Well if you set your mind upon it
I know that you can
You've got everything you wanted
You've done everything you planned
So let me make an offer
I'm only trying to help
You can make your load
Just a little lighter
All you got to do is share the wealth

Oh no don't you keep your
Good luck to yourself
Oh no don't keep your
Good luck to yourself

Well I know you got problems
I see it in your eyes
But if you want to live
To see the morning
Give it up to your brother
Or you'll get a surprise

Oh no don't you keep your
Good luck to yourself
Oh no don't keep your
Good luck to yourself

Well, it's time to see
You got to give or you're gonna receive
It's time to see
You got to live if you wanna believe
You can be

Bring 'Em Back Alive

I was on my way to the center of the sun
When I lost my wings and I fell into a crowd
And they carried me to the hole in the ground
And they buried me
Where no one could see
And no one would be around

I am a virus
I live in silence

I was on my way to a city in the clouds
When I lost my mind and I had to settle down
Then I had a dream of an island in the sea
Where the lepers die
Where no one survives
And no one can hear the cries

I am a virus
I live in silence

And just like the heathens thinking
On our feet we believe in God
And with one step, two steps
Three steps towards the graveyard
On the high road to remembering
It seems that we forgot

I am a virus
I live in silence

Light My Way

In my hour of need
On a sea of grey
On my knees I pray to you
Help me find the dawn
Of the dying day

Won't you light my way
Won't you light my way

A bullet is a man
From time to time he strays
I compare my life to this
To this I relate
And I'm willing
To listen to your answers
And I'm not ashamed
To tell you I need you today

Won't you light my way
Won't you light my way
So when I'm lost
Or I'm tired and depraved
Or when my high bullet
Goes astray
Won't you light my way

Getaway Car

The first time I saw you
You were chasing down a cyclone
All alone in a field
With rail yards and clovers
I kept rolling on and never thought
You'd wind up chasing me

Well settle down I won't hesitate
To hit the highway
Before you lay me to waste
Settle up and I'll help you find
Something to drive
Before you drive me insane

You're tired of walking and you
Loathe the ground
The sidewalk will barely
Touch your feet and life moves
Too slowly to hold you down
With ringing hands
You take it out on me

Well settle down I won't hesitate
To hit the highway
Before you lay me to waste
Settle up and I'll help you find
Something to drive
Before you drive me insane

The Last Remaining Light

Roll me on your frozen fields
Break my bones to watch them heal
Drown me in your thirsty viens
Where I'll watch and I'll wait
And pray for the rain
Curl like smoke and breath again
Down your throat inside your ribs
Through your spine in every nerve
Where I watch and wait and yield to the hurt

And if you don't believe
The sun will rise
Stand alone and greet
The coming night
In the last remaining light

Seven months and seven suns
Heaven waits for those who run
Down your winter and
Underneath your waves
Where you watch and wait
And pray for the day

And if you don't believe
The sun will rise
Stand alone and greet
The coming night
In the last remaining light


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Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.0.0

Last Updated 25/03/05

---A) Equipment


01. Does Brad use Zildjian or Paiste cymbals?
Brad has been using Zildjian cymbals since the early days of Rage. However, he has switched to Paiste cymbals on all his kits since the 2nd quarter of 2003, and is listed under 'USA Signings' at

02. What is his current setup?

Gretsch, chrome finish, black sparkle stripe.
8x14 Tama bell brass snare
8x12 Rack Tom
14x14 Floor Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
18x22 Bass Drum

All Zildjian void [awaiting update for 2005]
18" Z Custom Crash
14" A New Beat HiHats
19" K Dark Crash
21" A Rock Ride
18" Z Custom Crash

Vic Firth 5B Xtreme


SNARE: Remo Coated (top), Ambassador (bottom)
TOMS: Coated Emperors (top), Clear Ambassadors (bottom)
BASS: Clear Pinstripe

All DW, and DW 5000 Bass Drum pedal
In the Show Me How To Live video Brad uses a drum kit with a yellow finish and no artwork on the front of the bass drum.

03. Where can I find Audioslave drum tablature?
Right here.

04. What is painted on the front of Brad's bass drum?
It is the Audioslave flame logo.


01. Does Chris use any vocal effects on 'Audioslave'?
On Gasoline Chris uses a slight reverb effect. On Bring 'Em Back Alive Chris uses a 'singing through a fan' effect, and at the end of Show Me How To Live Chris hits his throat with the side of his hand as he changes pitch to produce an unusual effect.

02. Does Chris use any digital effects live?
No, he does not use those effects live.

03. What microphone does Chris use?
Chris endorses Shure microphones ( He sings into a U24D/Beta58 and also uses a PSM600 wireless.

03. What are the sounds he makes at the end of Exploder?
That is 'scatting', a type of jazz vocals that involve singing syllables in a rhythm.

04. He writes all his own lyrics, doesn't he?
Yes, he certainly does.

05. Where can I find Audioslave lyrics?
The most complete source in my inevitably biased opinion is the Lyrics section of The A.N.P.


01. What bass is he using with Audioslave?

Fender Jazz Bass [black finish, mirror pick-guard, rosewood fingerboard]
Fender Jazz Bass [natural finish, cut-odd color pick-guard, maple fingerboard]*

*Many of Tim's basses are rumored to have precision necks and most, if not all, of Tim's basses have thumb bridges.

02. Which pedals/effects does he use?
Jim Dunlop 105Q Bass Wah x2 [run into each other, linked by a board]
Marshall Gov'ner [status unknown]
BOSS DD-3 [status unknown]
EBS Envelope IQ [possibly used on Cochise wah sound, no rocking]
Lots of A/B boxes [one may be for distortion, as that is a feature of the SVT-2. Also, they may be used to control all of his amps with a Mesa A backup]

03. What make are his amplifiers?
Mesa M-Pulse Head [bigger model]
x2Ampeg SVT-2
Ashdown Head [unknown model]
Ampeg 4x10s [in case with built in microphones]

04. What strings does he use?
According to Matt Parlane:Tim uses standard 4-string Fender Jazz basses, but he uses 5-string string sets, discarding the top G string. So, his tuning goes: B E A D. As far as I can tell, he's used this since starting with Audioslave - I don't think he ever did it with Rage.

04. Where can I find Audioslave bass tablature?
Try here.


01. Which guitars did he use on the 'Audioslave' album?

'Soul Power', custom Fender Stratocaster.
'Arm The Homeless' [retired after 'Audioslave'].
'Creamy' or St. George MP-2 02.

02. Which guitars does he use live?
'Soul Power', custom Fender Stratocaster.
'Bright Sunburst' Gibson Les Paul.
'Two-Tone Sunburst' Gibson Les Paul.
'Sendero Luminoso', stock Fender Telecaster.
'Ibanez Roadstar', Arm The Homeless backup.

03. Which tuning is assigned to each guitar?
'Soul Power', custom Fender Stratocaster [Standard]
'Bright Sunburst' Gibson Les Paul [Dropped B]
'Two-Tone Sunburst] Gibson Les Paul [Dropped B]
'Sendero Luminoso' stock Fender Telecaster [Dropped D]
'Arm The Homeless' [Standard]
'Ibanez Roadstar' [Standard]'
Creamy', St. George MP-2 [Dropped B]

04. What is on his pedal board at the moment?
Digitech WH-1 Whammy Pedal
DOD FX-40 Equalizer
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah
BOSS DD-2 Digital Delay
BOSS TR-2 Tremolo
MXR Phase 9005.

05. What model amplifier does he use?
50 Watt Marshall 2205 with Peavey Cabinet, however, in the Show Me How To Live video Tom uses a Music Man 212-75 (75 watt) amplifier manufactured between late 1980 and late 1984.06.

06. What brand of picks does he use?
Jim Dunlop 'Tortex' Purple Jazz.

07. How does he make some of those sounds?
SHADOW ON THE SUN GUITAR SOLO [Explained by Morello]:
However digitally altered this may sound, it's all live. Rather than using a guitar that has a toggle switch configured to one pickup off, on pickup on, the guitar has off, on, off, which allows for a 'Hummingbird Wing' effect.

COCHISE INTRO [Explained by Morello]:The 'helicopter effect' is created by using a really fast slap back delay and just whacking the strings.

LIKE A STONE SOLO [Explained by Morello]:Set your Digitech Whammy pedal two octaves up with the pedal fully depressed and a long delay on it. You just hit each note, bring it up two octaves, and the delay makes it sound epic.

WHAT YOU ARE SOLO [Explained by Morello]:This is all one performance with a Wah-Wah pedal. It's in three parts. The initial "Waooh" is a low B and it's followed by hitting all strings above the nut, which makes a sort of 'high end' sound. Then the third sound is the Whammy pedal set to a fifth, and you just manipule the Whammy pedal on your guitar to make that little shaky melody. Then, at the end of each of the phrases it's just toggling while making the bar go through the sweep of the pedal. Don't worry, it sounds much more complicated than it is.

BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE SOLO [Explained by Morello]:This requires a non-stop feedback snake to hold for the whole solo. This is created using the bridge pickup

09. Where can I find Audioslave guitar tablature?
You might try here.

B) History


01. Where was he born and when?

Portland, Oregon. 5th of September, 1968. In 2005, he turns 37.

02. When did he take up drums?
He got his first CB700 kit when he was 14, but had been playing on a practice pad since he was 13. He took lessons for 2 years.

03. Is it true he has a strange connection with the number 3?
Yes. "Ever since I was eight or nine I've gravitated to the number three. It something that has always been a really heavy number for me. It's tattooed on my arm, and I count in threes. Everyone in school was taught two, four, six, eight, ten - I'd count in threes in the way I'd walk, even in the decisions I'd make. It was all based on threes."

04. What are those tattoos he has?
On his right arm there is a lion's head, on his left there is a stylized tattoo of the number 3.

05. What other bands has he been a part of before Audioslave?
Besides Rage Against The Machine, Brad has played drums for Pearl Jam in live shows around '92, and collaborated with Maynard James Keenan and members of Faith No More and Queens of the Stone Age.

06. What are some of his musical influences?
AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Who, John Bonham, The Sex Pistols, James Brown, George Clinton, The Meters.

07. Does he play any other instruments?
Besides drums, Brad plays bass, guitar and piano.

08. Does he have a partner or any children?
He has been in a long term relationship for about 11 years, and no children.


01. Where was he born and on what day?
Seattle, July 20, 1964. In 2005, he turns 41.

02. What was the first band he joined and when?
The name is unknown but they were reportedly a mixture of punk and metal.Chris played drums.

03. When did Chris first become a vocalist?
In the mid 80's Chris switched to vocals in a band that would later become Soundgarden.

04. What other bands has he been a part of, besides Audioslave?
He is best known as the vocalist and later rhythm guitarist of Soundgarden, however he has also acted as vocalist for the Alex Wood tribute band Temple Of The Dog, released a solo album with the help of band 'Eleven' titled 'Euphoria Morning' and participated in various other collaborations.

05. What other instruments does he play?
Chris plays bass, guitar and drums.

06. What are some of his musical influences?
Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Police, Eleven, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits, Smokey Robinson, Sly & The Family Stone, The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Bon Scott, Joe Cocker, Terry Cath, Ian Gillan, Marray Head.

07. What is that tattoo on his right bicep?
I believe it is his ex-wife's initials and her birthday. This is the only tattoo Chris Cornell is known to have.

08. Is it true that he's spent time in rehab?
Yes. Throughout the years Chris has had trouble with drugs and alcohol, but these days he is doing much better.

09. Does Chris have a partner or any children?
Chris is believed to have gone through a divorce during his time with Audioslave. He has a child from this mariage, a daughter [Lilian Jean], was born in 2000. Now he is believed to be married to a French publicist.


01. Where was he born and on what day?

Tim grew up in Southern California, yet he has not publicly revealed his birth-date. He's believed to be in his late-thirties.

02. When did he take up bass?
He was introduced to bass by Zack de la Rocha in high-school.

03. How much of his body is tattooed and why?
In the early days of Rage Tim had several tattoos which are now covered. They were:

A black arm on his left bicep which was done out of respect for his mother, probably done around 1986.
A praying mantis on his right pectoral which might have been there before the black arm band.
The right side of his back was inked with a huge face and 'the evil eye'.
A green man (Celtic god?) tattoo on his right bicep.

These tattoos existed up until '96 when he had the right side of his chest and arm completely filled in with a contouring solid ink shield. By 1999 Tim had work completed on his back, down to his tailbone and matched up the left side of his chest and arm with the exact same solid contouring ink pattern of his right side. Similar designs now also cover his buttocks and left leg.Though some say the spinning wheel design on his shoulders is a pagan symbol (which may prove consistent with his original 'green man' tattoo and the overall Celtic warrior-esque nature of his tattoo designs) the most detailed sources site the symbols featured as such:

TOMOYEOKINAWAN KARATE SYMBOL "The design featured on the Okinawan Karate Patch was originally the seal of the Okinawan king, Sho-ha-shi. The king would place this seal on all government official documents to ensure that no one would read the documents as well as to prove that any orders inside the document were by the authority of the king." (May be some representation of Tim's secretive nature?) The Black and White colors represent the opposites of Yin and Yang. It is also natural for a seal to only consist of one color (in this case black) on a white document. The circular nature of the patch represents perfection. A circle is never ending. It has no beginning and no end.

Tim also signed his infamous note "Our Father" with the numbers 999. (999 is a mathematical term for the continuation symbol; Tim's mother was a gifted mathematician.)

Tim says that getting the tattoos is a painful process, but the test of endurance and feeling of accomplishment makes it worth it. Sometimes he stands naked in the mirror and surveys himself, like a work of art.

04. What are his hobbies outside music?
Poetry, writing, drawing, touch football, rock climbing, mountain-bike riding and various other sports to name a few.

05. What bands has he been a part of before Audioslave?
None besides Rage Against The Machine, as far as I'm aware.

06. What are his musical influences?
He enjoys listening to jazz (and the great jazz bassists), as well as rock, punk and hip-hop music. These influences have helped develop his signature fusion of styles.

07. Does he play any other instruments?
In his spare time Tim spends more time playing upright-bass than electric bass.

08. Is it true he changed his name on every Rage record?
Yes. Some variations include Timmy C, and YTK.

09. Didn't he pull a stunt at the MTV music awards?
At one of these events Timmy climbed up the scaffolding and started rocking the whole structure back and forth. He was pulled down by security guards.

11. Is it true he scaled the scaffolding in Cochise?
You might have seen the video titled 'Tim's Climbs' in the ConnecteD area. He scales the tower the Cochise video was shot on top of with no safety equipment.

12. Does he have a partner or any children?
Tim is either married or in a long term relationship with the mother of his first child, Xavier Commerford, born sometime in 2002.

13. What football team does he follow?
He is a devoted fan of the Denver Broncos.


01. Where was he born and on what day?
May 30th 1964 in New York City, but grew up in Libertyville, IL. In 2005, Tom will turn 41.

02. Isn't his mother the founder of an anti-censorship organization?
Yes. It is called 'Parents for Rock and Rap'.

03. Wasn't his father a Guerrilla in the Kenyan Mau-Mau uprising?
Yes, this is true.

04. What are some of his political beliefs?
Tom is a socialist. He is very politically active and supports causes against racism, sexism, slave labor, cglobalisation and inequality. He has also supported such prominent figures as Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier.

05. What are some things he enjoyed as a kid?
Tom played Dungeons & Dragons, has always loved Star Trek and was a member of the school Drama Club.

06. Was he ever in a band with one of the members of Tool?
Yes. It was called Lock Up, and Tom did guitar and back-up vocals. His ties with Tool have remained until this very day.

07. When did he first begin playing guitar?
Tom picked the guitar up briefly in his teens, but began in earnest when he was 18 years old.

08. Did Tom go to university?
Tom attended Harvard University and graduated Political Science.

09. What are some of his musical influences?
The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, KISS, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Steve Jones, Ace Frehley, Angus Young, Jam Master J, Albert King, Wes Montgomery, David Gilmour, Chemical Brothers, Portishead, Paul Robeson, Billy Bragg, Public Enemy, Bob Dylan, Gang Of Four, The Doves, Bruce Springsteen, MC5.

10. Does he play any other instruments?
Tom Morello plays bass on Puff Daddy's 'Come With Me' featured on the Godzilla soundtrack (along with the Rage song 'No Shelter').

11. Does he have a partner or any children?
Tom Morello has been in a long term relationship with the 'daring rebel girl' Sweet D or Denise Luiso and has no children.


01. Why did Rage Against The Machine break up?

Due to tensions between all members of the band in that environment, and due to increasing distance from the vocalist Zack de la Rocha. On the 'Renegades' album, vocals were recorded in a separate studio and later added to the music.

02. Why did Soundgarden break up?
Due to general tensions between band members and difficulty writing music together.

03. Why did Chris and the band from Rage get together?
The union was originally recommended by famous producer Rick Rubin who has handled such bands as Silverchair, System of a Down, Tool, The Mars Volta, Rage Against The Machine, Beastie Boys, Slayer, Run D.M.C, Public Enemy, L. L. Cool J, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty and now Audioslave.

Chris had been a much admired vocalist by all the members of Rage, and the band found an instant musical and personal chemistry together. They say they felt like a unit immediately, and wrote three songs in week 1.

04. Is it true the band split up at one point?
Due to management problems the band split up for a short time until an agreement was reached between the two companies managing the business side of things. EPIC was to manage this 'Audioslave' record, 'The Firm' was to manage the second Audioslave album.

05. Weren't they originally called 'Civilian'?
Yes, but then they found out the name was taken.

06. How did they decide on the name 'Audioslave'?
The name Audioslave came to Chris in a shaman-like vision. You don't argue with those. However, this name was also taken by a little-known English band, who were then paid 30,000 dollars for use of the moniker.

07. Why did Chris decide not to play guitar?
Originally Chris was jamming along with Tom on guitar, but it was decided that it was much easier to let Tom handle that area of things and let Chris concentrate on his vocals. However, Chris helps to write some of the music.

08. Where and when did they first perform together?
Their first live performance was the shooting of the Cochise video. Soon afterwards they performed a few un-announced shows at bars around California, and then their first major performance on the Ed Sullivan Theatre Rooftop for The David Letterman show.

C) Rumors

01. Audioslave are a one off project, aren't they?
Their second album is due out in May, with Be Yourself as the first single. The release will be followed by a world tour throughout 2005. Audioslave are as much a band as U2.

02. Is it true that Chris won't write any political songs?
You may have heard that Chris wouldn't join the band if they were political. When this was mentioned to Chris in an interview at KROQ radio, he said he had heard a lot of rumors, but not that one. Though his lyrics are not as blatantly political as those of Zack de la Rocha, some of his lyrics are clearly influenced by current affairs and his thoughts and feelings on these. At Audioslave shows the band have proudly displayed a stance against war, and Chris performed a gig in Milan wearing black camouflage paint and a U.S army uniform. Audioslave are not a 'political' band, but they have political opinions just like most people.

03. Was the Like A Stone video shot in a house Hendrix lived in?
There's a rumor that Jimmi Hendrix wrote Purple Haze while living in that house. When this was put to Chris, he said that was impossible because Purple Haze was written when Hendrix was virtually unknown.

04. Is Eddie Vedder thanked in the Audioslave CD booklet?
Yes, under the name Wes C.Adle.

05. I see Serj Tankian's name in the CD Booklet too!
Yeah, that's because Tom Morello runs an organization called 'Axis Of Justice' with him. The function of the organization is to empower young people with information on issues that affect them, and teach them ways to get involved. Serj is most famous for is work as vocalist of System Of A Down, but is also a member of collaboration 'Serart' with folk artist Arto Tuncboyaciyan.

D) Videos

01. Is it true one of the guys got burned in the Cochise video?
Yes - Brad Wilk received some minor burns to the back and scalp from all the fireworks going off not far behind him.

02. Is Tim's kid in the Like A Stone video?
Yep - that's the little fella up on his dad's shoulders.

03. Is the SMHTL video was based on a 70's car chase movie?
Yes, the movie is called Vanishing Point, and quite a bit of the footage in the video is from that film.


26/03 Supergroup Audioslave Prep New Record, Tour


1/4 . 2005
Chris @ KDGE FM, full transcript.

26/3 . 2005
Chris @ KROCK FM, full transcript.


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Finished Tours

There are No Finished Tours yet.

Upcoming/Current Tour Dates


The Joint: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Verizon Wireless Theater: Houston, TX, United States

Quest: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Aragon Theatre: Chicago, IL, United States

Agora Theatre & Ballroom: Cleveland, OH, United States

State Theatre Detroit: Detroit, MI, United States

Kool Haus: Toronto, ON, Canada

Avalon Ballroom: Boston, MA, United States

Electric Factory: Philadelphia, PA, United States

Roseland Ballroom: New York, NY, United States

The Tabernacle: Atlanta, GA, United States

Hard Rock Cafe/Hard Rock Live Orlando: Orlando, FL, United States


Superrock Festival: Lisbon, Portugal

La Riviera: Madrid, Spain

Flippaut Festival: Italy

Junge Jungle: Dresden, Germany

Columbiahalle: Berlin, Germany

T Mobile Arena: Prague, Czech Republic

Nova Rock Festivak: Nickelsdorf, Austria

Southside Festival: Neuhasen, Germany

Huricane Festival: Scheesel, Germany

Stadthalle: Aschaffenburg, Germany

Palladium: Koln, Germany

Heineken Music Hall: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Le Zenith: Paris, France

Fields Of Rock Festival: Holland, Netherlands

Brixton Academy: London, United Kingdom

Brixton Academy: London, United Kingdom

Manchester Academy: Manchester, United Kingdom

Hovet: Stockholm, Sweden

Roskilde Festival: Denmark

Werchter Festival: Belgium

Montreux Festival: Montreux, Switzerland

Quart Festival: Norway

T In The Park Festival: Scotland, United Kingdom

Oxygen Festival: Ireland



Audioslave [2003]

1. Cochise
2. Show Me How To Live
3. Gasoline
4. What You Are
5. Like A Stone
6. Set It Off
7. Shadow On The Sun
8. I Am The Highway
9. Exploder
10. Hypnotize
11. Bring Em Back Alive
12. Light My Way
13. Getaway Car
14. The Last Remaining Light


Cochise [UK]
from 'Audioslave'

1. Cochise (Album Version)
2. We Got The Whip (Album Version)
3. Gasoline (Live From Letterman)
4. Cochise (Enhanced Video)

I Am The Highway [Promo]
from 'Audioslave'

1. I Am The Highway

Like A Stone
from 'Audioslave'

1. Like A Stone
2. We Got The Whip
3. Gasoline - Live From Letterman


Cochise, 7" Vinyl

1. Cochise
2. Cochise

Audioslave 2-LP Vinyl Set

1. Cochise
2. Show Me How To Live
3. Gasoline
4. What You Are
5. Like A Stone
6. Set It Off
7. Shadow On The Sun
8. I Am The Highway
9. Exploder
10. Hypnotize
11. Bring Em Back Alive
12. Light My Way
13. Getaway Car
14. The Last Remaining Light


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BETTER BOMB [Studio Demo]
GIVE [ConnecteD Content]
GOLDEN VISIONS [Studio Demo - Interpretation 1]
GOLDEN VISIONS [Studio Demo - Interpretation 2]

Artist: Funkadelic
Album: Maggot Brain (1971)

Artist: Elvis Costello
Album: Armed Forces (1976)

Artist: Rush
Album: All The World's A Stage (1976)

Artist: The Clash
Album: The Clash (1977)

Artist: The White Stripes
Album: Elephant (2003)

The Nightwatchman: Tom Morello


Individual Collaborations

Band Member: Tom Morello
Artist: Macy Gray Feat. Angie Stone & Mos Def
Album: Spiderman Soundtrack (2002)
Lyrics by: Macy Gray

Band member: Brad Wilk
Artist: Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme, Brad Wilk
Album: The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys Soundtrack (2003)
Lyrics by: Josh Homme